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Monday, July 21, 2008

Entry #13

"7:13 am. The homey atmosphere of Starbucks... it's definitely worming its way up my list of favourite places to be." For a few moments, the pen lifted off the page. A wedding band flashed as the writer rubbed his hair flat. Propping his chin with a closed fist, he turned his face to the sun, absently considering the row of vehicles parked just a few feet away from his window.
He bit deep into an apple and munched thoughtfully. After a quick pause, he picked up the pen and again began to write. "Sometimes, I wonder about that. Maybe a coffee shop is a lame place to hang out alone. I mean this morning I spent a full five minutes talking with the barista about the best techniques for making great foam!" - another quick bite of apple and mouthful of vanilla-hazelnut latte- "I mean I'm not ashamed of it... I just remember making fun of people like me, back in my construction days, when I lived and died by an extra large triple triple from Timmy's."
The writer paused once more, surveying the coffee shop; most patron's were huddled in conversation in groups twos and threes. Not many were alone like him. His pen trailed ink in the lined journal once more.
"Maybe Starbucks works to be a gathering place, a place of community, even for those people who are alone. Starbucks is a community -centred organization..." As the writer continued, he could help but be distracted by the shadow of his pen leaping up off the page before touching down again as he began his next word. He mocked himself inside before continuing.
"7:34. I've been writing for exactly 21 minutes. Am I wasting my time?"


Jesskah said...


Jesskah said...

I know this experience..I know it well, ESPECIALLY the "I used to mock people like me" part..oh, for shame.