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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In the wake of the 3 Day Novel Contest

Oh man. So, this morning I ws journaling about the 3 Day Novel thang (see previous post). Here's what I wrote:

Entry #108 - September 3, 2008

...I still feel as though I didn't write it (the story). As my wife suggested, I feel less like a writer and more like a scribe. Scribes are only valuable or needed because they write down what someone else says. The greater the scribes ability to record exactly and accurately what he/she is told, the more they are used. I feel like a scribe for God. Which is humbling, cause I'm not really needed for the process. Anyone could be the scribe. That makes me glad right now, it sort of helps me understand the "Why Write?" question...

In addition, I feel like this experience opened a new window into God. It pushed me to a new level of understainding. through the contest and my 'scribing', I feel as though i met God in a new and profoundly intimate place.

Even now, I'm still reeling, wandering through an ethereal mental state. It was though my writing desk was set up in God's presence and I want to always be writing because I always want to sense Him in me. I can still feel the shadowy remnants of that special experience of Him adhering to my soul. His presence is still in me and its unreal.

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Jesskah said...

OK so I only JUST started looking at this here blizzog of yours but I am intrigued, and shall return.