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Monday, December 15, 2008

hey shawn...

hey shawn...

so, i've been listening to your mini album quite a bit in the last few days - and it has been fantastic. lyrically, each of your songs has certain powerful images that stand out in the listening - whether the haunting face of young girl peering out of a dream, branches overhead slowly moving with the wind, street lights 'imbuing' the air with soft glow. the imagery is exceptional and the stories contained within each song are poignant and emotive.

I feel a little unqualified to comment on the musical aspect of your EP, but as the majority of listeners will probably have the same (or less) knowledge of music that I have, I'll put forth my best effort, yes i will.

with a lot of music 'out there', it could be said...

if you want to know more about the upcoming release of shawn baran's mini album, you'll have to ask shawn - or you can check out his myspace page.

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