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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Thinking Wall

The evolution of our basement continues to move forward: onward and upward, I always say. Anyhow, we've created a thinking wall. It's pretty rad - brown paper coats the wall beside the desk and we basically write whatever the hell we want to on the brown paper. We might tack up an unpaid bill, or a poem, or an article, or some artwork. Whatever we want.

I really like it. it's cool, and it makes me feel edgy and culturally subversive. I know that there's no rational reason for that, but somehow my brain connects cool and youthful decor with edginess and subversion of culture. Of course, maybe I am actually culturally subversive and my brain automatically feeds that fact into the equation so when the question "is the thinking wall edgy and culturally subversive?" comes up, it goes like this:

Is the thinking wall edgy and culturally subversive?
fact: it came from josh's brain.
fact: josh is edgy and culturally subversive
therefore: what comes from josh's brain must be edgy and culturally subversive

equals: the thinking wall is edgy and culturally subversive

I'm sure there's a logic breakdown in there somewhere. It's just brown paper on a wall with sharpies taped to it.

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