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Saturday, February 28, 2009

plays well with others...

i've just recently begun yet another project: this time with a friend of mine who's been wanting to write a musical. though musicals aren't exactly the thing that i wake up to do every morning, i decided to work on the script. i figure that i want to be a better writer and my friend wants to become a better songwriter, so it makes sense all around. now, as fun as it feels right now to start this, i'm also beginning to feel some, erm... trepidation.

now,i get very excited when working with other like minded artists: when someone else is as excited as i am, the ideas flow thick and fast. I'm also a verbal thinker, so i get the coolest thoughts when i'm in discussion with others.

all that being said, it's also the most draining to spend time with someone who isn't on the same page - someone who isn't thinking along the same lines as i am. it seems that working with others is not only the thing that is the most thrilling but also the most difficult and full of drudgery.

plays well with others? i'd like to think i do, but i'm still figuring it out...

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