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Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the Hall of Stone

In the Hall of Stone and chiseled rock

Ghostly spirits stir the air

Haunting whispers, bitter words

Forget! Abandon! Forsake! Despair!

In the Hall of Stone and twisted plots

A cunning tyrant rules and schemes

Dark eyes, red rimmed with greed and lust

Dark heart consumed by darker dreams

In the Hall of Stone and stinking rot

Legends weep and heroes die

Deeds gather rust as chains corrode

And names fade thin in dungeon night

In the Hall of Stone where I am lost

I curse my shackled legs and wrists

Then steel dissolves in inky rain

And a pen rewrites deliverance


B. Nagel said...

Maybe it's because I was discussing the mythical themes in 70's rock last night, but it reminds me of something from Led Zepplin. Just needs some hobbits. ;)
I think the best poetry is a journey, for the poet and the reader. Maybe it's just to a red wheelbarrow in the rain, maybe it's to a deeper understanding of the soul.
If you're at all into Greek mythology, check out C.S. Lewis's Til We have Faces.

Jessie said...

This poem is SO AWESOME. Buttery words. Keep writing!