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Thursday, April 23, 2009

regarding hidden meaning

n the last 6 months, there are a few pieces of writing that i am especially proud of. Now, when i composed this, i felt as though i was on a lark (to borrow a colloquialism of yesteryear), spinning a yarn from thin air (i just did it again - the colloquialism thing). I wanted to write something that took the reader by surprise. I envisioned a poem that created some pretty clear imagery before completely re-adjusting itself. I feel as though that goal was accomplished to a certain extent.

however, i didn't at all expect to write something that was as revealing of its author as this one is. my friend Shawn once said that often, we're the last ones to see what our art says about us. and i think i agree. this poem leaves me reeling in some ways. what started out as a cool image of a dark forbidding castle has turned into an intense (and intimidating) look at what's happening in my own soul.

is it okay to be a little bit nervous about showing people this? 'cause i am.

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