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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Track 3

This track had a noticeably darker tint to it - all nightmares and bloodshot eyes and loneliness and staining fear. I loved the minor-esque tone to the verses; it set up the smooth quasi-resolution that the bridgy/chorus thing brought. The song feels like someone running scared through a tunnel and suddenly bursting upon a quiet reassuring circle of light round a lamp post.

I think one of my favourite moments in this song is 'woven dreams unmade/ promise me you'll stay til morning breaks.' I immediately imagine the relief of a comforting presence in the midst of a difficult night. I think the powerful thing about this song is that someone is ushering you through the dark nightmares, facing the terror alongside you. For me, that message is stronger and more potent than, say, being completely 'delivered' from the struggle.

maybe my interpretation is too dramatic and campy... whatever, the song is brilliant.

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