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Friday, August 7, 2009

Exceptional Blogging

It seems that lately I'm all about starting up blog series. I'm doing another one. It's all about Exceptional Blogging. I often come across a blog post that I really resonate with/wish I wrote/just plain dig. Here is the first installment of EB, straight from Shawn:

An open letter to scrubs...
Dear Young Person sitting in the passenger seat of a moderately customized Honda Civic,

What's the matter with you? I'm just walking down the street after 14 hours at work on a Saturday allowing the anthemic melodrama of Angels and Airwaves to give me the little bit of energy I need to make it home. Why do you feel the need to stick your head out your window and yellat me? What makes you think that I care about your misguided musings upon my sexual preference? Where are you getting your information from anyways? It's not like I got all tarted up for the walk home. Plus, I'm wearing headphones, I can't actually hear you. You just sound like yelling. Let me cut to the chase here. I'm not that much older than you. I still know how to have fun, and I still appreciate some good ol' fashioned juvenile mischief. But what you are doing is not fun or good ol' fashioned juvenile mischief. It's annoying. Stop it.Please, in the future, keep your head in the car and your thoughts to yourself.

Nobody actually likes being startled and nobody cares what you think.


One of my favourite things about this post is its tone. Shawn's laidback candor is the perfect vehicle for expressing frustration that I can definitely identify with. One of my favourite types of humour is intelligent and witty and subtle. Shawn's got it nailed down here.

Great post, Shawn! You win a prize. Kate has it for you.

- Josh


kate said...

It's true. Or I'll bring it with me when I come to Canadia in a few weeks.

That entry was one of my faves, too!

Joshua Gordon said...

Fantastic, Kate. Canadia is better because of your visit.

I'm pretty sure I met you once... is that true?

- Josh