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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Genesis: In the beginning

So, recently, I've taken the volunteer position of Director of the Creative Department at Elora Road Christian Fellowship. Which is great. As are sentence fragments. However, the Creative Department did not exist until just a few weeks ago. I've been crazy busy starting to build a creative framework here at ERCF. It's very exhausting but incredibly exciting. I love it. I really really love it (that's for you, Larry). These are some of my thoughts:

In the beginning...

In the beginning... what a great way to start a story - our Story. In the beginning...

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. In the beginning, God unfolded an epic storyline of betrayal and restitution, sorrow and love, sacrifice and forgiveness. In the beginning, God initiated a compelling dance with humanity, an intimate and beautiful movement, a sweeping thrill of restoration. In the beginning, God made for Himself a Bride, perfect and without blemish, and held nothing back in His relentless pursuit of her. In the beginning.

That 'beginning' so long ago is central to our expression of faith. In it, we recognize our role in the unfolding Story; like our Father, we hold nothing back, using every resource at our disposal in order to fulfill our Commission. Genesis is the name of the Creative Department of ERCF. It is about creativity and innovation. It's about regular people creating the extra-ordinary. It is devoted to the telling of the Story.

Want to join it?

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