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I live in Guelph - an artsy, tree hugging university town in Ontario. I work hard to be a creative and innovative influence in the places I find myself. Most of the time that looks like networking with other creatives, researching, or filling up my sketchbook / journal with ideas.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Entry #6

At first, there was only blackness; inky dark perforated with splashes of pain. I groped for anything to hold to. Disorientation and waves of nausea rocked me as I struggled to comprehend my surroundings. My blind efforts to secure some sense of awareness exhausted me. i gave up. And lay still.

For what seemed like hours.

Until I awoke again.

Despite the same hammering black, I could tell I lay in something cool and sticky and damp. Flashes of white agony shot up my arms as I forced my self to sit up. I could just make out my had in front of my face; slowly dimness was growing to light. holdy my enjured arms close, i pushed backward with my legs till I felt something at my back. I rested against it.
The dim light filtered down to me, diluted through heavy mist and laden with the rich smell of mud rotting vegetation. The world flickered black once more and I slumped sideways.

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