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Monday, July 21, 2008

one of my favourite places to dream of...

Deep forests have always held an aura of both grandeur and seclusion. I love imagining being in the bush, just me and the trees and the wind. I remember seeing a picture as a child that really impacted me. For some reason, it's still in my head 15+ years later. It was of a small girl standing in ferns that grew up to her waist; trees towered high above her and she was totally alone.

If I were to describe my 'ideal' forest, it would be this:

"Shifting puddles of sunlight flicker, playing hide and seek with one another amid low lying ferns and scattered clumps of underbrush. Large boulders force up through the rich soil, mottled grey shoulders of granite shot through with traces of pink.
Overhead, lofty leafy crowns stretch and crane as winds toy through the vivid green foliage: towering deciduous trees. They silently oversee the slight breezes swirling across the forest floor, chasing leaves that skitter just out of reach. "

This place is simultaneiously a place of intimate closeness and large scale wonder. I feel an organic kinship with the forest ecosystem. Something deep inside me sighs- a part of me comes to life. this place is a home for my soul. The stillness of a forest will always work its way into my heart, if I let it. there is beauty in that quiet that refracts through me to light up my innermost being.

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