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Monday, July 21, 2008

yet another reason why my wife is so great...

I've recently started reading a few new books (i've got about 5 on the go right now), and I'm feeling a little over whelmed by the amount of awesome writing I've come across. I was just reading 'Charades' by Janette Hospital Turner and I remember thinking, Holy Shit. This is such good writing. It is so much better than my writing.
Then suddenly, I got all intimidated. It was really hard to pick up my pen and write. I get so easily discouraged sometimes. Anyway, Sarah and I had a chat about it (she always brings a wicked point of view) and she had some interesting responses to what I was feeling. She actually commented that I was super talented, but she thought that maybe I just needed 'coaching'. She drew a comparision between any other skill (ie: her playing violin) and how people take lessons. If she had just picked up her violin and started playing it, she might have started to sound alright, but her self taught style would be rife with bad habits. I thought to myself, Hey, that's insightful.
I don't know why I always expect myself to be perfect - I've only been serious about my writing for a year or so. Anyway, I asked my small group to pray that I'd come across someone who could mentor me as a writer: someone I really respect, but someone who will let me be me while bringing out my best.
I always get a great opinion from Sarah. I love it when she talks; her input is always insightful and sensitive. She's such a great blance for my artistically heavy mindset. Her comments consistently resonate with me - not an easy task when I get so easily discouraged and childishly defensive when it comes to my writing.

She be so great.

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