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Thursday, October 23, 2008

half a conversation, part 2

It's interesting that you mention Brother Lawrence and his book/collection of letters. I actually had to buy it for school a couple years ago, and i just started reading it again after posting yesterday. I also have a few Frank Laubach books... maybe i'll find those as well. I think I've had tiny glimpses of what it means to see God in everything - but like you said, Steve, it is hard. It's cutting against a grain that's been 23 years in the making...

I think that this whole concept is one of the things that makes our faith journey so unique in terms of other religions/belief structures around the world. Rather than withdrawing from life in search of enlightenment, I think that true Christianity involves completely engaging in every activity - all for the sake of maximum exposure to God's presence.

Being willing to see God in everything is almost a threatening idea. the truth is, it's easier for me to live 'life as usual' when I choose to believe that God isn't in the daily grind. If my frustration with other rush hour drivers or my devotion to my sports team or what I do with my empty Starbucks cup is devoid of 'spiritual' implication, then i am free to live an unexamined life. But the reality is that the more I open my eyes to His presence in every mundane 'insignificant' sector of my life, the more He can change me. And I'm all for change!!

But. but. but. I hate doing hard stuff, I'll admit it - without shame. Ok, maybe a little bit of shame... I'm thinking that I really need all this 'Spaces' stuff.

Honest self-reflection kills me every time.


shawn and sara said...

so very true, my friend. Even though I'm on the "inside" of all of this Spaces stuff, I'm finding it all strangely convicting and applicable... which is super disconcerting because I hate hard stuff too. Balls.

jerryberry said...

who writes that book, the unexamined life or something like that???