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I live in Guelph - an artsy, tree hugging university town in Ontario. I work hard to be a creative and innovative influence in the places I find myself. Most of the time that looks like networking with other creatives, researching, or filling up my sketchbook / journal with ideas.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dirgible Stamps pt 2

And in the compound, every word spoken echoed loudly off the harsh linges and square cut stone walls; even whispers reverberated. Within the insular environment of the compound, Dirgible’s home, sound was a commodity quickly losing value.It wasn’t that Survivors had lost all use for sound, it was just that... well, they didn’t seem to need it all that much anymore. Only the children laughed or giggled aloud, and Dirgible was no longer a child. He was proud of each surpressed outburst. Even now, he walked slowly and placed each foot just so, stepping lightly and moving silently. In the silence, everything was layered with the thin fabric of peace. And Dirgible Stamps’ parents were so proud of their son.

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