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I live in Guelph - an artsy, tree hugging university town in Ontario. I work hard to be a creative and innovative influence in the places I find myself. Most of the time that looks like networking with other creatives, researching, or filling up my sketchbook / journal with ideas.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

my recent mind life

i've been in a strange new state of mind for a few weeks now. my mind has been on a constant simmer, ideas and thoughts intersecting neatly one with the next. its too much for me to record in the context of a few paragraphs, but i seem to run into inspiring people and events and conversations every day. at coffee with a close friend, i commented on this - and also on how absent minded i've been lately. the response was not what i expected: perhaps your mind has allocated all resources to creativity; there is nothing left for the silly humdrum (my paraphrase). an encouraging idea! it makes me feel like i'm all scatter-brained artist!

and that's just so cool!

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