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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

when the words words won't come out

ii sometimes think i don't have things to say. which, combined with sickness, a general feeling of dumpiness, and overall lack of desire towards anything, contributes heavily to extensive periods of non-involvement with 'the blogosphere'.

it's true that i haven't blogged for... 14 days. it's also true that i haven't read other blogs for about that long. it is ALSO true that in the past 14 days, well, longer than that really, i've been entrenched in a very grey time. life seems to be just meandering along - which is cool when stuff's interesting- but right now, i feel very bored. life's meandering through a really bored place. and that sucks.

i'm increasingly reminded, though, that a lot of control does lie within my own fingers (cue scene from Willow: "which finger is the most powerful?"). my grey landscape does not have to be that way. i can quite easily continue to monger up ideas and stories and songs and feelings - i need to be much more conscientous about the whole thing.

oh well.

p.s. do you know that sometimes i title a blog first, then write based on the title? it's sort of silly, like buying a gift based on what the wrapping paper looks like.

- josh


Frake said...

And Yes he's back! Josh I wouldn't care if you would write about the clear tape that's been used to keep the wrapping paper together that holds the present, as long as you write! These are tough times, but new times will come

Jessie said...

Nice to see you writing! Funny that you used 'dumpiness' as a tag... I wonder if anyone ever searches for 'dumpiness.' Maybe the grey times only make the colors sweeter when they return?