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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

at long, long last, more scattered thoughts that are kind of related

ok, there's dust on my computer keys. it's been a very very long time...

today, i feel very strange - which is not unusual these days. by now, a lot of people know that my wife and I are moving back to ontario (this decision was motivated chiefly because of the impending birth of our child - june 10th, actually). However, there are have been some unexpected 'ramifications' to such a life change that I have been struggling to cope with. here's one of them:

I have been, for the past few weeks, caught in a 'quasi-slump', a time of anxious introspection. It's funny - they say that the three largest stressors in life are having a child, moving, and looking for a new job. ha. ha. I'm going through all of these things at one time.

the job thing scares me the most; to be honest, i'm not at all afraid of not getting a job. i'm petrified of being forced into getting a job that i hate, just to have a job. in 'these economic times' the prospect of job hunting is not necessarily a happy one. at the same time, though, i've always been inspired by the blank canvas - a new landscape just waiting for the installation of my new life.



~m said...

the job stuff is tough... know that with your time supporting people with disabilities, you would be a useful asset in l'arche. which city are you moving to?

joshua said...

umm, someplace far enough from our families, but not too far that they can't visit in a day...