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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

baby update!

so, those of you who/whom(?) aren't yet aware will find out (via this post) that my wife and i are neck deep into our first pregnancy. (okay, actually picturing that image is kind of gross. ewww) aanyways, we had an ultrasound today and i've got pictures!! our kid is awesome. i can already tell. 

yes, we did find out the probable gender of the child... if you want to know, you can email me. or  comment on this blog and leave your email address. or whatever. so, it also appears that sarah's low lying placenta  is no longer low lying! hooray!!! if you want to know why i am especially happy about that, comment. or email. 

during the ultrasound, our child yawned alot of  times. like four times. apparently that's a lot  (according to Robyn, our super nice ultrasound techie).innat great? i think so... 

usually, the question people ask at this point is "have you guys thought about names?" i typically respond by saying that we have a name picked out already. now, oddly enough, lately a few of the 'dark horse' names have been performing really well. in fact, i'm almost inclined to think our predetermined selection may be challenged. 

we'll see...


malexis said...

brother - it took me a minute to figure out the perspective, but little Alexis Gordon is ADORABLE i like the tag too: "junior gordon"

shawn said...

The yawning picture is terrifying...

joshua said...

yah, i could see that. it almost looks like a dementor.

but it's actually a super sweet Gordon offspring.

- josh