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Friday, March 20, 2009

it's about my wife...

I just want everyone to know what a fascinating and beautiful wife I
have. sarah, i'm in love with you!

for sarah

sarah, my muse, my dove and my breath

without thine sweet friendship

i'd languish near death.

if you had said "NO!" when i asked for thine hand

a sadder fellow than me

you'd not find in this land

oh yes, indeed! perish the thought!

that a lonely and unfinished life

was my lot!

but thou savest mine days with a sweet lovely "YES!"

(after both mom and dad

our intentions did bless)

and then at long last, we set us a date:

june twenty third:

"forever best mates"

and then at the hip our two lives were joined

voila! encroyable!

sweet romance! (oing oing)

and still (to this minute) truest lovers we are:

our matrimonial bliss

raises the bar

in september oh-eight God said, 'hey, maybe

it'd be super swell

to give 'em a baby!

and now, sarah sweetie, it's clear that thine womb

is our baby gordon's

very first room!

so for rich or for poor, for joy or for fuss

a cute little munchkin

you're building for us!

ooh, boy, do i love her...

- josh



Heather said...

Josh, that is truly beautiful... sweet... funny... I loved it!

malexis said...

you're the man brother