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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Though stressful and sodden with worry...

Well, Sar and I have been living in Ontario for 9 nine days now, and it feels like we're beginning to get over the exhaustion accrued during the last month. However, being on the other side of a cross-country move carries with it an entirely new host of hurdles. As could be imagined, we're facing some pretty significant decisions over here.

The most pressing issues facing us at this time are work (for Josh), a baby coming in 3-4 weeks, and figuring out living arrangements. Needless to say, there's a little bit of anxious in the air right now.

I had an awesome chat with my Dad about all this stuff and throughout the course of our conversation I was brought back to a central truth that for some reason hasn't been so central in my thought processes. I've re-realized how important faith is. What or how I feel don't ever change that fact that God knows exactly where I'm going to work. He knows exactly where I'm going to live, He knows exactly how the baby stuff is going to pan out, and (to quote a letter I wrote to my wife), He knows exactly how the hell we're going to pay for it all.

Though stressful and sodden with worry, this part of our life is a blessing. We are being put through a testing period. The quality and strength of our faith and marriage is being increased. It's painful and hurts like the dickens for sure, but Sarah and I are beginning to understand that it's in such cramped times that we are purified.

Haha, I said 'dickens'!


B. Nagel said...

I write letters to my wife too! I'm incredibly bad at expressing myself on the spot.

Glad you got there relatively safely. Good luck on the job hunt.

Joshua Gordon said...

Thanks, my man.

PS I'm loving what you're posting these days. Very cool things coming from, everyone.

jerryberry said...

i laughed out loud when you said hurts like the dickens, then you captured these very thoughts when you gleefully reflected upon your choice of words.