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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Isabel Warren

As reported in the Guelph Mercury, Isabel Warren, a 14 year old girl, was killed today. While using the washroom at a baseball field during gym class, one of the walls crumbled, collapsing on her. She was rushed to hospital where she died.

Isabel was an accomplished diver and had a truly beautiful spirit. I can say this because my in-laws and I had the pleasure having dinner with her a few weeks ago. After the evening concluded, we all remarked to one another the gentle spirit and genuine friendship that she exuded. Though I only knew her for an hour at most, Isabel left a distinct impression on me.

Death has always unnerved humanity, especially when it takes the young and promising. At times like this, my spirit is quiet. I wonder why I feel so vacant inside. At times like this, trite Hallmark comments like "she's in a better place' fall empty and hollow , the words crumbling to dust at my feet.

When life is long and good, then death is a reward, a doorway to heaven. But when the life snuffed out was barely 15 years long, death is a harsh taunt, a cruel cheat, a dark commentary on the fragility of our existence.

I really liked you a lot, Isabel.


Sylvie said...

Hi Joshua,
I love what you wrote.
It describe well how I feel.
Everybody are looking for an answer.
There is no answer...
My spirit is also very quiet, questioning, reviewing, examining...

Sylvie (friend of Isabel& family from Montreal)

Anonymous said...

i miss her so much!
she was such a beautiful person. and she didn't deserve this.
this was a preventable incident, and because of someone isabel is now gone form us......
i was in several of her classes, and was a friend...
i love her