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I live in Guelph - an artsy, tree hugging university town in Ontario. I work hard to be a creative and innovative influence in the places I find myself. Most of the time that looks like networking with other creatives, researching, or filling up my sketchbook / journal with ideas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Create Guelph

Last night was the second Create Guelph meeting. In all honesty, I've been very nervous about how the group would go. I wondered how the nine different members would gel - especially considering the wide age range (10 yrs - 26 yrs). After the first two meetings, though, I'm getting more and more excited. People are really buying into this!

It's incredibly stimulating; I'd recommend being a part of a group like this to anyone.


B. Nagel said...

I went to a few readings at a community theater group here. It was very encouraging and fun. Well, other than the drunk dipwad who acted all uppity and hated everything. But besides him, it was fantastic.

Freek said...

keep going, Josh, this is important!

Joshua Gordon said...

Thanks Freek.

- Josh