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Monday, January 4, 2010

Update Time

Well, everyone, the drought is over. Like honest to goodness big drops of splashing rain. No, no, no, Josh hasn't started blogging regularly again.


I wish.

Nope, it's far far better than that. Josh has a job! A for realsy I'm actually using some of what I studied and am very excited about it kind of job! Haha!! I want to dance around the apartment, and I think I shall.

I am now employed as a Research and Program Analyst. Pretty much it goes like this,
C.O.O.: "Hey Josh, I want to know about starting up a new program for (insert program x here)."
Josh: Sure boss.

Josh opens his MACBOOK PRO THAT WORK GOT ME!!! and begins to research. He then draws up a proposal and delivers a freaking awesome presentation.

So, the story goes that Josh randomly emailed the Chief Operating Officer and asked to meet with him. In the email, Josh regaled said COO with tales of his own comparative awesomeness. Said COO, after a second interview (and a very compelling 10 minute powerpoint presentation by Josh), decides to create a job for him.

That's right, readers. It's custom made, for me.

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing!

- Josh


Freek said...

Congratulations! What kind of things will you research?

malexis said...

many congratulations my friend - sounds like a great opportunity~