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Monday, January 19, 2009

re: into the woods

for those of you who don't know, the small-group that i'm a part of through church has been pursuing the rights to the popular musical "into the woods". we're planning on producing the show with proceeds going to a charity of our choice. can i just say right now that it's been an uphill battle? it has.

and now, we're in a place of decision. here's an email i sent out:

hey guys;

so, money issues aside (HOLY CRAP!!), i think we're going to have a tough time being ready for a mid-April show dates if we still have to wait to a) send the contract in (fax it probably), b) get the materials from MTI. that's probably 2-3 weeks minimum, right? that's Consideration A.

also, if we do the show do we HAVE to do both acts? can we just do act 1? 'Cause the contract says pretty explicitly that we can't delete any part of the play. That makes me feel like if we sign the contract, we'd be forced to do both. that's Consideration B.

this is a huge thing with pretty hefty commitments - that's not just time i'm talking about either. if Oakpark covers the costs for us and the show (heaven forbid) bombs, we'd all have to commit to paying back. that's Consideration C.

At the same time, though, how proud of ourselves would we be if we actually pulled it off? It'd be frickin amazing! how huge of a testament to our small group and to CREATE Productions. I'm already proud to have you guys as my closest friends, but multiply my current pride by a gazillion and that's probably what we'd ALL feel. I'll be honest, team, most of me is queezy and scared, but the artist inside is like, 'what the hell! we can only fail - and that wouldn't be the end of the world! Lets do it!'

I'm breathless for this chance, guys! we're awesome and i think if we all pulled together we could do a masterful job! when are we going to have another opportunity like this? If we go out on a limb and place ourselves in a space where we really really need God, i'm confident that he will come through.

let's hit the next level as friends and artists. Let's kick the shit out of 'into the woods'.

- josh

p.s. i'm still scared.


Frake said...

Another consideration is that God has a say in this.. if we stay behind our honest motivation to raise money for people in need, he will work it out.

There's way we can raise funds, for example I'm gonna auction off some of my paintings, and we have a whole church to support us that we can fall back on. We're going to pull this off!

Jessie said...
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~m said...

k, i'm not going to attempt to discern what you should do here, but i gotta say: you can't just do one act.

the whole point of act two is that there aren't simple "happily ever afters," and that life is so stinkin' complicated. moreover, that's where you hear the punchline: "be careful what you say, children will listen." it's a vital message for parents, teachers, and other adults who have influence over young people. we should all ask ourselves what we are teaching through the stories we choose to tell.

this is a fantastic show, both musically and philosophically, and if you're going to do it, you have to do it right.

p.s. be careful when putting promises in God's mouth.

Jessie said...
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Jessie said...
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joshua said...

its important to differentiate between trusting God and following where He leads.