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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

reality check #1: the ultrasound

They say that this picture is a child at 20 weeks... kind of like OUR child right now. unfortunately,we weren't able to get a cd of pictures of the ultrasound but, as the husband responsible, i got to sit in. and it was awesome.

through the sometimes disorienting blur of white and black dots, i suddenly came face to face with the biggest reality check of my life. i watched a little baby move and kick. holy wowsers.

i saw the little heart beating. and i watched the little child hiccup.

i was surprised; the child was actually fully stretched out, not curled up like i expected it to be. i think that the most impactful moment was seeing its toes. i always knew that little babies had toes, but just seeing them on the ultrasound screen was, i don't know... wow.

if it sounds like i'm rambling and my thoughts are scrambled, it's 'cause they are and i'm sort of overwhelmed.

- josh

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Jelena said...

Whoah, I've got goosebumps! Too cool!

~ Jelena