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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Track 2

I LOVE your description of the new day dawning: crimson swarming midnight sky... love it! You've deftly captured one of creation's most fantastic displays of grandeur: 'I dare you not to smile wide'. This song has a special presence... it's a call to worship. You have very clearly shown beauty: 'you say you try to live where you treasure lies, but where have you been' is an arresting jolt of a question. this song is very spiritual - but it didn't seem that way to me at first. in some ways, this is the hardest hitting song on the demo. 'with your eyes half closed you stumble round on holy ground'. again, it didn't hit me until i'd listened to it a few times; its like a wake up call: "you think you've got it, people, but you're missing the point!" kind of like that. :)

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